Sunday, 11 October 2009

Something For The Kids To Aspire To

Though the executioner in this photo has a ludicrously massive chest, he also has a petite lady's ankles, which must mean this guy experiences terrible pain whenever he walks.

Also note the woman's extremely long thighs. She could run away from this guy easily, if only it wasn't for that damn rope!

Also from the same fair (in Missouri) is this photo. To me, there's something slightly strange about inflatable guns with the stars and stripes flag on them.

Though maybe I've got it all wrong - perhaps they're freedom rifles, which shoot liberty bullets. Take that, you reds!

Thanks to Kristen for sending these in!


  1. The freedom rifles are so you can shoot liberty bullets at the long-thighed naked woman so she can escape that dude. Although I'm halfway convinced that the long-thighed women naked woman and the executioner are just in the middle of some intense S&M play.

  2. Those guns are great. Obviously someone in another country (where these were made) is having a laugh at America's expense.

  3. The gun thing isn't a surprise to me, there's so many gun lovers in this country they'd probably love that v_v What the heck is in the right of the 1st picture? lmao

  4. It's a unicorn. :D