Saturday, 19 September 2009

101 Leech-Infested Dog-Rabbit Hybrids

Today's post comes courtesy of via Flickr, and it's a corker! From a distance, it looks like an averagely bad 101 Dalmatians painting.

Up close, however, things turn nasty. It's as if the artist quickly got tired of painting Dalmatian spots and simply started blobbling black paint on as quickly as they could. Actually, perhaps the whole thing was painted in a massive hurry...

PS. The title of this post was nicked from a comment on the photo's Flickr page. I couldn't come up with a better one!

Thanks to all who've recently found this blog, to the followers, and to those who have commented - it's good to know that the blog is being enjoyed!


  1. There's nothing like the sight of atrocious artwork to make you feel better about your own skills as an artist.

  2. In what world are those supposed to look like spots? Are the dogs running SO fast that the spots are blowing off of them? This is frightening.
    Taking aim at lousy advertising

  3. your comments are spot on *spang* excuse the pun
    i notice a simmilar theme with ice cream vans, there is a place not far from where i live that sells supplies for ice cream vans, some of the art displayed on them is iffy to say the least.
    terrific blog fantastic observations, very funny keep up the good work.

  4. It looks like they're covered in leeches!

  5. Those aren't leeches, they're computers, huge hard drives and they run off the body heat with tiny spiral oars in the blood. (fig 1) The faster the beast runs the faster you get your megacycles.
    the leeches last a few years, starting from a spore lodged in the puppy's short branching hairs. Like tiny ferns the transparent glistening hairs catch the spores and gently orient and program the enclosed enzymes to the particular biochemistry of that pet. (fig 2)

    Look for kittenSquidGator(tm) with parasitic wiFiFleas(tm) next season.