Friday, 11 September 2009

Please Hammer don't hurt Alf

This isn't the worst fairground art by a long shot - MC Hammer's shoulders are quite weird and his glasses aren't right, apart from which it's quite good - but my American-pop-culturometer estimates this artwork to be roughly 19 years old. I wonder what children make of these strange figures? Or perhaps it's meant to attract thirty-somethings? I've no idea.


  1. What I love most about this is the obvious care and effort put into painting... Alf with a boombox.

  2. The shoulders look right for a padded jacket

    This mural is nearly perfect

  3. Can't dis this9 October 2009 at 18:01

    im guessing the painter is a better artist than you. those shoulders are exactly what happens when you lift your arms while wearing shoulderpads and stiff 80s synthetic fabriques. try doing 50 cent and barney and upload it, youll get much worse reviews and much much worse results

  4. Hi Anonymous and "Can't dis this" (if that is your real name),

    Thanks for your comments! I still reckon that Hammer's left shoulderpad is ridiculous, and his glasses have definitely been sat on, but other than that I agree that this artwork is quite good.

    If you actually took five seconds to read the text you'll see that the funny thing about this photo is that the artwork is so out of date. (This was taken in 2009. Alf and MC Hammer both peaked in 1990.)

    Also, if you read the sidebar you'll see this: "I'm not saying that I'm a great artist or that I could do better - I probably couldn't - but then I don't call myself a professional artist and charge money to spraypaint funfair rides, either."

    If you really want a bad painting of 50 Cent and Barney, I suggest you visit your nearest fairground (wearing the shoulder pads and stiff 80s synthetic fabrics you're so familiar with) - there's bound to be one there somewhere.

    To put a stop to foolish comments like yours, I've added a new tag: "not so bad fairground art."

    Best regards,
    The Management