Monday, 21 September 2009

King of Pap

Okay, so this isn't really fairground art, but it is 'art' found at a fairground so I reckon it's near enough.

I have no strong opinions about Michael Jackson, and I know that the world+dog has been cashing in on his death, but this example of deathsploitation seems particularly tacky to me. It's a Michael Jackson cushion, which you can win by playing various naff fairground games.

The naffest thing about this is that they've spent all of five minutes on the design. It's a plain white cushion with a print. They've even used Cooper Black as the font! Something tells me the people behind this might not have the high regard for Michael Jackson that their cushion claims.

Who chooses this as a prize? Does someone really have this on their sofa? If you do, please let us know!


  1. Least the font isn't in Times New Roman.

  2. That's a good point! And they smudged out the bottom of the photo. Perhaps they do care after all?

  3. How cheap and tacky. As are most game prizes at a fair. At least they chose a good picture?

  4. Until seeing this post I thought I had encountered more images of Michael Jackson than I needed to--but not quite.

    Always room for the perfectly grotesque. "Oh, honey, win an MJ couch pillow stuffed with toxic waste and covered with nth grade burlap for me."

  5. Looks more like Roy Orbison than MJ...

  6. not a pillow I would get for my son, or daughter, for that matter--can't get this to publish except anonymously...
    mary maddux