Saturday, 5 September 2009

I love Baskelball and Players!

At first glance, this stall appears to be basketball-themed. But on closer inspection, it really pays tribute to the similar but little-known game of Baskelball. On the right-hand side, you'll find the obligatory 'sexy woman' image, and boy does she like Baskelball... and Players!
Actually, I'm not sure that is a woman, more a collection of body parts thrown together. And not necessarily in the right order.
Up top, there's a collection of the Baskelball Players that Ms. Frankenstein likes so much, including these two...
Now I don't know much about sport, but it seems that in Baskelball the Players score points by sticking their tongue out while jumping and grabbing their crotch. The uniform is a vest top and a pencil skirt.
Also, it's a very inclusive sport - one of the top players is a transvestite dwarf with size 18 feet. Beyond that, the stall is short on specifics. But I'm sure it's a thrilling game, and I can't wait until the Baskelball World Cup!


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  2. The be-corsetted Baskelball cheerleader (with the twinkling heels) bears an uncanny resemblance to the beast from "Beauty and the Beast"... or a Predator, perhaps.

  3. The transvestite dwarf apparently plays on the employee basketball team of ITT Sheraton.

  4. That cheerleader looks like an figure skater who got caught in the wrong sport.