Tuesday, 15 September 2009

You Love The Spaghetti Sauce, Capiche?

You know how it is.  You've been at the fair all day, enjoying the overpriced rides and unlicensed merchandise, and you want something to eat.  But you don't want a burger, or six gherkins for the price of five.  You want overcooked spaghetti with sauce in a cup, served by escaped convicts wearing huge hats and shirts which once were white but are now so blood-spattered that they're mostly red.

"Mmm... delicious.  More goddamn wine!"
"I think you've had quite enough, dear.  Let's not make a scene."


  1. Looks like neither in the last picture need anything more to drink... what is it, Dr Jeckyll's potion or something?

  2. I like how the wine in his glass doesn't conform to the laws of physics. Either that, or it's a huge Jello shot.

  3. There is a lady in my area who does all the murals around town (BADLY) and this looks like her work...although, sadly, I think maybe this is slightly better. But "More goddamn wine!" is my new favorite phrase ;)

  4. The guy drinking the wine looks like Terry Wogan on mushrooms.