Sunday, 27 September 2009

Unlicenced Cartoon Artwork is Mandatory

Artist: "So, this is my idea for the hall of mirrors design. How about a used car salesman with four eyes holding up mirrors to two monkeys who are laughing at themselves in the mirrors?"
Owner: "And where will Donald Duck go?"
Artist: "Donald Duck?"
Owner: "Yeah, it's a fairground stall.  You've got to have a Disney character on there somewhere."
Artist: "But that doesn't fit in with this design at all."
Owner: "I don't care, just stick him in somewhere. Anywhere. On that mirror."
Artist: "But that's meant to have a monkey in it!"
Owner: "Look, I'll be drummed out of the union if I turn up to a fair without some Disney on there somewhere!"
Artist: "Well, it compromises my artistic integrity... hang on, I don't have any. Donald Duck it is!"

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